Fangirls is a super-simple front-end to the youtube-dl project. In short, it grabs the source of videos you watch on the web, and downloads them to your computer. Despite the name, youtube-dl supports vastly more services than YouTube — you can see a full list. It's also a pretty active project; if there's a site that it doesn't work for, the developers are willing to take requests.

One problem with youtube-dl is that it's a Python app that you have to use from the command line. I love the command line as much as any card-carrying nerd, but I wanted to build a quick Mac app, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

Here's a picture of Fangirls in action:



It's pretty bare-bones at this point. Paste in the URL of a web page that contains a video, and Fangirls will use an included copy of youtube-dl to pull the video data from that page and download what it finds. In bullet form, then:

Future Considerations

Yeah, actually there's a ton of features in youtube-dl that aren't supported in Fangirls. Here's a list of a few that I'd like to implement:

Why "Fangirls"?

It's a word my 12-year-old daughter is using a lot these days, both as a noun and (more entertainingly) a verb. It's interchangeably a derogation and word of praise. And it was on my mind when I sat at the New Project dialogue in Xcode the other night.

Who designed your amazing app icon?

Har, har. It was me.


I'm releasing Fangirls under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. In short, you can do whatever you like with this code as long as you give me credit. Which brings me to...


I'd be happy to accept your PRs! Make a fork of this project and shoot me a pull request and let's make Fangirls truly fangirl-worthy.